Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Italian Style Chilli

On my self-given dinner break tonight after hours pondering Women's History essay thesis's and divising a plan for my senior project I concocted this recipe with what I had in my kitchen (with my name on it) and it turned out delicious.

What You Will Need:
1 large can hearty tomato soup
1 pound ground turkey
Few handfuls of shredded mozzerella
Croutons (optional)
Italian seasonings (I prefer garlic powder, salt, pepper, rosemary and oregano)

Step One:
Heat up soup in small saucepan. At the same time put the ground turkey in a pan on medium; add seasonings.

Step Two:
Once the soup starts showing small bubbles add a few handfulls of cheese to thicken it.

Step Three:
Drain the ground turkey and slowly scoop it into the soup.
Let simmer few a minute or so.

Step Four:
Put into a bowl and top with about 5 croutons and some cheese

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stuffed Burgers: Tomato, Basil & Mozzerella

Like all Cablevision users I am a big fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! and my mouth always waters for those episodes when Guy Fieri hits the burger joints. Even though I'm quite the picky eater I have grown to crave the experience of tasting new foods through watching the Food Network for the past few years.
So last week I was watching an episode of DDD and I saw a place that had STUFFED HAMBURGERS! I knew I had to give it a shot and instantly thought up the perfect recipe in my head ground turkey burgers stuffed with tomato, basil and mozzerella with pesto and balsamic vinegar.

What You Will Need:
1 lb. ground turkey
1/4 cup chopped onion
2 petals chopped garlic
1 cup bread crumbs
1 egg
5 english muffins
1 small jar pesto sauce
Slice mozzerella
1 package cherry tomatos (sliced)
1 package basil
Pinch salt
Pink pepper
Balsamic Vinegar

  1. Combine ground turkey, egg, bread crumbs, garlic, onion, salt, pepper. Mix with your HANDS.
  2. Form small meat patties with your hand and put them on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet.
  3. Begin layering the tomato basil and mozzerella in any order you like. I did basil then tomato then mozzerella.
  4. Make another round of meat patties and put them on top of the burger. Make sure you close up all gaps so you can't see what's in between the patties.
  5. Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes, or until crispy at the top.
  6. While the burgers are cooking peel the english muffins apart, lightly brush the pesto sauce on one piece and put some fresh garlic and mozzerella. Bake until a little crispy.
  7. Once the muffins are toasted and the burgers are done drizzle a little bit of balsamic vinegar on the plain muffin.
*Bake at 350 degrees.

My next stuffed burger I want to try is inspired by the Melting Pot where I used to work and Yom Kippur (was my first Jewish holiday).
Ground turkey burgers again stuffed with swiss cheese and a thinly slice green apple with a honey glazed coating.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Naked Juice

This semester I have taken a position as a campus representative for Naked Juice.
If you have never heard of Naked Juice before you're probably just giggled a little when I told the name of the juice. Naked Juice is an all natural fruit drink that has no extra sugar added. Rally Marketing Group, based in Seattle, has been assigned the Naked Truth Campaign, a 150 college-wide promotion. The campaign issues two students to promote Naked Juice on their campus by sampling the juice, and giving away goodies like pens and chapstick to passerbys.
Our next sampling event will be taking place Wednesday, March 10th from 10 am to 2 pm outside The Hub. Last time we were between The Hub and The Olde staircase, location is subject to change though.

Things I love about Naked Juice:
  1. That the label tells you the serving of each different fruit inside the juice
  2. The cute juice names
  3. The fact that I can bring it to class and not be hungry
  4. The new renewabottle, completely recycled juice container.
The biggest perk about the job is the free Naked Juice supply....they cost almost $5 in The Hub.

Off to go pick up more Naked Juice goodies from the mailroom!
See you all on Wednesday

Here is a link to the Naked Juice website.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm no Lauren Conrad but...

It's that time of the year again. The snow is melting, the birds are chirping and I don't have to wear boots just to step outside my apartment! Yep if you guessed summer internship / job search you are right!!! Ding ding ding.
The spring season is a creeping up and then BAM I'm stuck at home for almost four months wishing I would have secured a job sooner so I wouldn't be stuck bored out of my mind.
Last summer I was a total slacker, and totally smitten with my boyfriend and wanted a job that gave me hours where I could spend every weekend in Manhattan with Brody. This summer is a different story, I plan on making big bucks as well as intern somewhere to get some more experience. For the new decade crashed my Macbook so I need to save up for one of those bad boys and I would like to do something nice for Brody's 23rd birthday at the end of the summer so I need to get some sort of waitress job that will provide me cash fast. On the other hand I also need to find a summer internship where I can knock out for required credits (who requires 2 internships Arts Management program?). I have already heard back from HHC Marketing, a firm who specializes in Broadway marketing....can anyone else say free tickets? I have also sent in applications to Viacom, NBC, Disney Theatrical Group and Betsey Johnson. I doubt my lousy little resume will stand out...but who knows.
All I can do for now is just cross my fingers and pray that one of them chooses me and I'm not stuck serving stuck up Long Island soccer moms all summer long.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Fear... 2012

^^My dad doing search and rescure with the FEMA team after the Haiti Quake.
Earthquake hits Haiti.

Earthquake hits Chile not even a month later. Triggers tsunamis.

Everyone is claiming that the world is ending. Everyone is saying that 2012 is starting.

Like swine flu and umbrellas, among some other things, I do not believe in 2012. I like to think positively about my future, aka the next two years. I do not want the world to end. I want to get married and have a family and not think about what I am going to do to survive on December 21, 2012. That's only three days before Christmas! I like to think I won't have one Christmas left but years of Christmas' to look forward to.

2012 scares me. When I hear people talking about it, I cover my ears and walk away. As a somewhat hypochonriac it makes me nervous and I don't like that. We all already know that John Cusak will survive.

I haven't experienced enough of the world yet for it to naturally destroy itself. It's just not fair.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shutter "Long" Island

^ Mark Rufalo (sp?) totally checking out Leo's butt!

So since I first saw the trailer this summer I knew it was a must see, drew me in right away, not so patiently awaited the opening day of Shutter Island the new film by Scorcesee, starring Leo (as the 8 year old me sighs) and that guy from 13 Going on 30. Reminding myself of it's October opening date I sadly found out it had been postponed to March, blech. I was super excited to see it but then after seeing the trailer more than a hundred times more I felt the movie could go two different ways, which in a sense it did.


  2. Too much to follow to lead to a bad ending

I will not lie, The movie was great, it was beautifully done and of course Leo was brilliant alongside Sir Ben Kingsley (that sexy old man from The Wackness) however, like Avatar, there was nothing I could find that I LOVED about Shutter Island. Maybe because I paid too much attention to the wrong details or because I was too busy solving the mystery (I'm a natural film Sherlock Holmes with suspense movies). Maybe what put a bitter taste in my mouth was the turtle slow pace of the film. I understand that walking scenes are to build up suspense but not when it turns into 2 minutes of walking. It could have been the slow followed by the suspense big twist that just left me feeling some sort of mindfucked, excuse my french.
Needless to say I definately reccommend the movie because its a great twist and a great film. I myself feel that I have to see it a second time so I can now realize the right details. The acting alongside the screenshots are definately worth it, and hey you can always grab a matinaee!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello blogging world!

Is there anybody out there?

I've finally decided to give this blogging thing a go for good. Seems like now a days blogging has become a prerequisite for most job positions and since I'm headed for a career path in the wonderful world of Public Relations I figured I might as well get going on this blogging business.
This blog won't have a specific focus, all I can say is to expect lots of recipes, videos, Broadway shows, book reviews, venting, and advertising campaigns as well as viral promotions for your favorite Purchase celebrities.

Today marks the third snow day this month and I am escaping the big snowstorm by venturing home to Long Island. From what I hear everyone on campus is deprived of cable television, you guys aren't missing much considering I know you have all watched enough Planet Earth and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Snow days for me mean laying in bed watching unlimited amounts of Dexter and online window shopping for things I can obviously not afford. Luckily I won't have to go back into work until Tuesday and the bulk of this weather will dissipate.

I came across this video on StumbleUpon and it makes me laugh everytime I see it. The only problem is that I still can't figure out if it's real or if it's a joke?