Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Naked Juice

This semester I have taken a position as a campus representative for Naked Juice.
If you have never heard of Naked Juice before you're probably just giggled a little when I told the name of the juice. Naked Juice is an all natural fruit drink that has no extra sugar added. Rally Marketing Group, based in Seattle, has been assigned the Naked Truth Campaign, a 150 college-wide promotion. The campaign issues two students to promote Naked Juice on their campus by sampling the juice, and giving away goodies like pens and chapstick to passerbys.
Our next sampling event will be taking place Wednesday, March 10th from 10 am to 2 pm outside The Hub. Last time we were between The Hub and The Olde staircase, location is subject to change though.

Things I love about Naked Juice:
  1. That the label tells you the serving of each different fruit inside the juice
  2. The cute juice names
  3. The fact that I can bring it to class and not be hungry
  4. The new renewabottle, completely recycled juice container.
The biggest perk about the job is the free Naked Juice supply....they cost almost $5 in The Hub.

Off to go pick up more Naked Juice goodies from the mailroom!
See you all on Wednesday

Here is a link to the Naked Juice website.


Ydorb said...

wow, thats soooooo awsome! yay 4 naked! this really makes me want to just buy naked juice all the time

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