Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shutter "Long" Island

^ Mark Rufalo (sp?) totally checking out Leo's butt!

So since I first saw the trailer this summer I knew it was a must see, drew me in right away, not so patiently awaited the opening day of Shutter Island the new film by Scorcesee, starring Leo (as the 8 year old me sighs) and that guy from 13 Going on 30. Reminding myself of it's October opening date I sadly found out it had been postponed to March, blech. I was super excited to see it but then after seeing the trailer more than a hundred times more I felt the movie could go two different ways, which in a sense it did.


  2. Too much to follow to lead to a bad ending

I will not lie, The movie was great, it was beautifully done and of course Leo was brilliant alongside Sir Ben Kingsley (that sexy old man from The Wackness) however, like Avatar, there was nothing I could find that I LOVED about Shutter Island. Maybe because I paid too much attention to the wrong details or because I was too busy solving the mystery (I'm a natural film Sherlock Holmes with suspense movies). Maybe what put a bitter taste in my mouth was the turtle slow pace of the film. I understand that walking scenes are to build up suspense but not when it turns into 2 minutes of walking. It could have been the slow followed by the suspense big twist that just left me feeling some sort of mindfucked, excuse my french.
Needless to say I definately reccommend the movie because its a great twist and a great film. I myself feel that I have to see it a second time so I can now realize the right details. The acting alongside the screenshots are definately worth it, and hey you can always grab a matinaee!


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